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Are all Bush mercenaries thieves, or only some of them?

The dog ate the records. How conv-e-e-e-n-i-e-n-t:

An independent oversight agency said it could not complete an audit of a $1.2 billion contract to train Iraqi policemen because records kept by the State Department and by DynCorp International, the contractor, were inaccurate and in disarray.

There is a solution for all this:

It's called the corporate death penalty. The United States shouldn't be privatizing its military or funding mercenary armies at all; the Founders would roll in their graves if they knew what was happening.* For "private as in private"-ly held corporations like Blackwater, simply abolish the corporate entity**, confiscate its assets, and devote them to something like, oh, child's health care. For publicly held corporations like Dyncorp, distribute the assets to the shareholders, minus triple damages. Then, maybe, public humiliation rituals for the executives? Teach them a little shame?

NOTE * Take the nightmare scenario: Blackwater mercenaries "spontanesously" invade Washington, DC during a national crisis, just as they did during Katrina. Can you say "Praterorian Guard"? I thought you could.

NOTE ** It only occurs to me now that Bush and Betray-Us were so concerned to locate the start of Iraq really turning to shit with the Golden Dome episode, when in fact Iraq started turning to shit after the Marines levelled Fallujah--which was precipitated by, and in defense of, Blackwater.

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Gee, if they knew they'd never be prosecuted...for anything...then maybe they'd at least keep records.

This has been another brilliant Democratic congressional leadership brokered potential deal brought to you by Leah, who isn't quite the Democratic patsy some of you might think.