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Arachnidote Sunday, Oct. 28

Another non-insect today. This is a moderately scary-looking creature, so I'm sticking the picture below the fold.

It's some kind of amblypygi (UPDATE: a lesser known order of arachnids). It has eight legs, but the front two are evolved to serve as pedipalps and don't look very leg-like. These guys are supposed to be harmless to humans, but deadly to all sorts of insects. This one lives underneath the sink cabinet in the bathroom. It tends to come out at night, but is scared of humans and will run back underneath if approached or touched with, say, a bath mat (I'm not touching it with my hands or feet!).


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Submitted by jerztomato on

Except when they come inside the house. I yell at them and if they don't scurry off, they meet my trusty fly swatter.
How big is your pet?

Submitted by YesMaybe on

The body is maybe 2 inches long. But it's not a spider (though we have plenty of those around, too).