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"Apple’s Dev Center Has Been Down Since Thursday"

Yikes. It's still down. This is very, very bad. Unheard of for a major corporation:

Down for over 48 hours and counting. No word from Apple on what exactly is going on.

Update: Now the online Apple Store is down, on a Saturday night. My spidey sense says this is bad news.

Update 2: The store is now back online, but Dev Center remains down. Perhaps a coincidence that the store was down at all, but my spidey sense continues to tingle that whatever is wrong with Dev Center is very bad.


This isn't the first time Apple has experienced this type of unannounced outage; however, this one has lasted longer than any in recent memory. Apple's silence on the matter has fueled as sorts of speculation on the cause. Among the theories:

  • There's a major revision under way for current iOS and OS X beta cycle, such as new back-end services to support some of their features or developer testing
  • Apple has discovered that leaked WWDC videos came from the site, so the company is implementing security measures to block that path
  • Apple has suffered some type of major security breach

Again, that's all speculation. As usual, we'll have to wait until Apple's good and ready to shed light on what's going on.

Commenter saithier at YCombinator:

California state law requires companies to disclose security breaches. So, if such a thing did occur, you should expect to see one sometime within the next few days.


If you don't see such a notice, than it is (was) likely some other issue.

Assuming Apple isn't gaming or ignoring the law, yes.

Still down today:

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Apple acknowledged that they had an intrusion on Thursday and took down the site to see what was affected. They believe that only some e-mail addresses of developers may have been taken, as most of the developer information is encrypted on their server.

They are now engaged in a complete rebuild of the system to ensure nothing was left behind by the intruder.

The update is in a separate post on The Next Web site.