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Apologies for light posting

Here's why:

This (poor) photograph shows a State Railway of Thailand sleeper car. (It looks small because it is small; Thai railroads are metre-three-foot gauge.) I took a fifteen-hour train ride down to the South for two day's-worth of visiting; and then took the same fifteen-hour train back, except the train was five hours late getting into Bangkok.

So I slept badly on the train, because the air conditioning was brutally cold, and I hadn't thought to bring an extra blanket. And then I slept badly where I stayed, because the country is incredibly noisy, far more so than the city: Insects, birds, frogs, snorting bulls! So I ended up stunned with exhaustion when that trip was done, and then had other obligations over the weekend. Lots of material to write about, if I can figure out what to say.

And so I basically collapsed, but now I hope I am back in form, although I will go out of form again this Friday, when I have another back tooth pulled, the one that once occluded the tooth already pulled, and thank you, Correntians for talking me through the tooth-pulling process and helping me do it. Onward!

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Submitted by V. Arnold on a life challenging experience for us westerners.
In the last 3 weeks, two bus accidents killed 50+ people.
15 school children and 5 adults in one, and this morning in Tak, 30 dead and 20 injured, so far.
I drive...