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Apologies for another round of late account approvals!

After a very nice conversation with somebody who'd used the contact form to get in touch, they mentioned that they weren't able to log in; I checked, and there was a reason for that: I hadn't approved them! So I went through about six months of inactive accounts, blew away those who (IMNSHO) failed the Turing Test, and approved those who (IMNSHO) did. I think I have mentioned that the approval process at Corrente can be "stately," but stately is one thing, and ponderous #FAIL is another.

Since some people might have forgotten they even applied, I sent all the approved accounts mail, as follows:


Corrente is set up so that when people apply for accounts, I get mail. Then I go and approve them (or if they can't pass the Turing Test, cancel them).

However, sometimes Yahoo, which I really should get replace, throws that mail into the spam folder or trashes it -- or I miss the mail because of the volume of mail that I get.

So one of those two things happened to you. My apologies, because some of you have waited a long time.

Shortly, if not already, you will have received mail from Corrente confirming your account approval. Follow the directions and click on the one-time log-in link. If you have any problems, feel free to contact me at this address, or through the contact form at Corrente.

Again, my apologies!

The admin's lot is not a happy one.

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