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Apocalypse Now

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From AKmuckracker, Alaska blogger of considerable repute (srsly)...uh, the title is mine... hers is:

Awww. We Hurt BP's Feelings.

So, let's start with part of the transcript from the vid she also links:

(BP Managing Director Robert) Dudley: Well, all of us at BP are trying to solve the problem. Those words hurt a little bit because we've been open about what we're doing. What we're doing is certainly not anything in secret. We've had direct oversight and involvement from government agencies from the very first hours afterwards. There is an imprecision around the measurement of that crude oil which, I've used the analogy that it's ... it is a little bit like popping a soda can rushing out with lots of gas and oil.

AKMuckraker responds to this (go to link to see her links):

Here's a little tip for the PR-challenged. First, when you've just devastated a third of the country's shore line, incinerated eleven human beings, put countless people out of work, destroyed fisheries, tourism, small business, wildlife, fragile ecosystems, and the mental and physical health of an entire region of the country, and when you have manipulated facts, kept reports from the public, knowingly put people in harm's way, been blatantly negligent, and hidden the results of your devastation by following poison with more poison, don't talk about your hurt feelings.

Second, don't take the worst environmental and financial disaster to hit the United States in the history of ever, and compare it to a soda can. I don't care if it is like a soda can. Talk about it in your closed door meetings, but don't tell people it's like a soda can. It's kind of like saying that retrieving tar balls is like an Easter egg hunt.

Uh, and elsewhere, and the whole thing is Really worth reading:

(BP Managing Director Robert) Dudley: It... it...uh... there's no question that this much oil in the ocean is going to take a long time to clean it up. It's different than the Valdez spill because it's much warmer waters, the biological processes will work faster, but you can clean up the beaches... the marshes are very very sensitive. They're not as simple to get in and clean. There are techniques that will be done. There was a lot of oil spilled in that area after Hurricane Katrina and the marshes have recovered.


According to the Minerals Management Service (bureau of the Dept. of the Interior) Hurricanes Katrina and Rita caused 124 oil spills totalling 17,700 barrels = 743,400 gallons total.

This spill, depending who you believe (and let's believe the experts) has already leaked well over 100,000,000 gallons. For the zero-challenged, that's one hundred million gallons. And there's no end in sight. Thanks for trying to make us feel better, though, BP. That's like saying, "Look I've had one drink, and everything worked out just fine... So I'm sure it'll work just the same way if I have a hundred and seven, give or take."


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Apocalypse Now

NOTE (update) the relative areas in the graphic represent as best I could the data given in AKMuckraker's post. Not a random choice of sizes.

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No doubt, no doubt. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but oil poisons everything.

Anyhow, Bob -- if I may call you Bob -- you're wicked rich, so please don't try to make us believe that you care about anything more than bamboozling us.

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when I saw that guy say that on CNN, I about died. Seriously - send a better PR man. It's not like they don't have the cash.