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AOL censors Bradblog

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Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

Poor SE Asian guy didn't know what hit him, but I definitely got my point across!

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Submitted by Bryan on

It isn't censorship, it's incompetence, and the problem has existed forever at AOL.

I have done work with a number of local non-profits, and they all want to reduce their mailing costs by sending e-mails instead of letters to the membership. It makes sense and works well, as long as no one has an AOL e-mail address.

If you exceed the secret number of e-mails within the secret time period you are blacklisted as a spammer. They refuse to tell anyone how many e-mails or what the time period is, but testing showed it is around 24 different AOL e-mail addresses in less than a week from an address outside of AOL.

They have a "white list", which they deny, but I have no idea how you get on it. I know this because we were getting through with e-mails from one group, but e-mails from a different group were always blocked. Both were local chapters of national non-profits. Since both lists were created by me using the same software, and sent e-mails that were very similar in size and content, the difference was AOL. The membership lists overlapped enough that you could see what was going on.

As this was a volunteer effort on my part, my response was that anyone with an AOL account probably couldn't read, so there was no point in sending them e-mail. I spent too much time talking to people at AOL who weren't permitted or didn't know the truth about the situation.