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It would be great to have an information cleaninghouse that ensures that the Obama administration and its suddenly unblameworthy predecessors are subject to less-than-zero scrutiny.

A good place for them to start is by trashing organizations like CREW and the ACLU.

What happens in the Village stays in the Village. It would be shrill to suggest otherwise.

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Jeebus, Marty Peretz:

Obama has my faith with the country's economic tribulations. But perhaps that's because I'm an acolyte of Larry Summers.

I don't know what the left-wing blogosphere is making of the president's recantation of his administration's arrangement with the American Civil Liberties Union to release (more) photographs of ill-treated prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jeff Zeleny has written an admirably clear story on this for the New York Times. But, frankly, I wondered why the government had ever agreed to this bargain. Maybe it felt trapped in its campaign rhetoric or, more accurately, the expectations of some of its supporters.

The pandemonium for pictures strikes me as more than a bit pornographic on the part of the A.C.L.U. and its fellow-travelers. The organization seems to me no longer to be a civil liberties agency but an advocacy group whose aims are varied. One of them, I suggest, is that it is against the established foreign policy of the United States, which is perfectly O.K. and certainly legal. But it is not about judicial justice, which is its disguise and cover.

In fact, I more than suspect that the argument made by administration supporters on this matter--that publishing the photographic revelations, such as they are, would further endanger our troops in west Asia--would be just fine with the organization. (It would, as the surviving Marxists still say, multiply the contradictions.)

There you go! Civil libertarians are traitors. Still, with Marty Peretz for us, who can be against us?

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Just sick. Yeah, the ACLU wants more soldier deaths to boost a conjectured argument that supposedly they hold.

Go to hell, Marty, and take the rest of your Village fiends with you.