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Anybody want to do a little fracking reportage?

Here's a link, but the full story is behind the paywall, and what's exposed isn't enough to give good detail.

Maybe call the farmer?

NOTE Hat tip, alert reader smitedogg.

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Since, through puter and human malfunction, I've got this lovely blank post, I may as well fill it with some stuff I've found. First, there's an aggregator I was not familiar with before that gave me some hits on water and fracking called the SiloBreaker. In addition, there's the local Colorado coverage in the Trinidad Times, and in addition, the Aberdeen News out of SD also has some Colorado coverage.

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Here's a link to the full (short) story. The farm is apparently an organic dairy farm, however I'm not sure when they began going organic. The area he farms in is near two watersheds, the Purgatoire River Watershed and the Apishapa Watershed. Colorado has been involved in fighting frackers since the 1990's, according to this wonderful radio-weblog, Coyote Gulch (and there is a Google site that lists a whole series of articles by them about coalbed methane). (Also, apparently they've now gone to a WordPress site, that has a search function) They, too are covering the Corsentino story.As an aside, here's an article from 2009 about Colorado that illustrates the movie "Gasland".
The farmer himself, has become something of an activist, and since his property, and his cows were, apparently weakened, thus making them more susceptible to disease, he has filed for relief from the Environmental Response Fund.

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So, anybody want to interview the farmer?