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Anybody Seen Lambert Today? Hmm..


Now mind you, I have no idea where Lambert's been today, I just note that he hasn't posted anything since one item purportedly late last night. But I bet I know where he'd like to have been, and what he'd like to have been doing with whatever whatever leftover zucchini was still lurking around the yard:

KENNEBUNKPORT - Separated from Walker's Point by security barricades and a light fog over the cove, about 600 protesters on Saturday called for an immediate end to the Iraq war.

The rally near the Bush family compound followed a slow, 90-minute march through the town center. It coincided with President Bush's first trip here in two years.

Okay, so the march was yesterday. Lambert built this place, I bet he could figure out a way to set a timer on a post to make it go up last night. Nothing since then has me a tad concerned.

Wonder how well the wifi works at the Kennebunkport lockup? If you can drop us a note, bro, tell us what you need. "Lawyers, guns or money" is the classic promise, but lacking those I think our best bet is to figure out a way to send ChiDy to bust you out of there.

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