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Anybody from Mighty Corrente at the USSF?

I had to delay my trip there till Thursday, but will on a panel at 10 AM Friday talking about whether the Democratic party can be reformed.

At 1PM I do a 90 minute workshop at the Green Party's national meeting on how to win elections. Sorry, no link for that. Obviously I am a recent Green myself.

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Hi there Bruce! I was at a workshop wed AM, "progressive third parties, a dialogue", and some Greens were there. Unfortunately, I can't attend any other meets due to work obligations, as I'd love to have been able to attend the one you're running at the national meet (since I'm running for the Green candidacy MI Congressional 12th District). Could you please let us know of the input you got there? And especially any good ideas on how to win elections? Or, please contact me at this site, and I'd love to hear any input from you!!

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Sounds great.

I'm so thinking of re-joining the Greens. I'm leaning more and more toward the notion that it is better to support a party that actually advocates your values rather than support one that doesn't just because it can win elections.