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Susie has an awesome transcript from Kindra Arneson of South Plaquamines Parish, LA. The video is below the fold, but I want to set the context and pull out the money quote:

Just to give you guys kind of perspective of where I’ve been, four weeks ago, I set up at a town all meeting at IND pinned down all involved (inaudible 1:16 ) and I am disturbed bye the end of their speech. At any rate, I was invited the following week to go behind “enemy lines.” They gave me, of all people, security clearance to go into the base of operations meetings in Venice, Louisiana eight days in. Open door invitation to sit like a fly on the wall. Can you believe it? It’s really going on. They also gave me security clearance to go up to the Homer Incident Command Post which is over the entire region of Louisiana. I’ve been in Coast Guard planes all the way out to the site itself. Helicopters. Boat rides. I have been everywhere that anybody could ever want to go to get an inside look at what’s really going on.

The bottom line:

First we gotta understand this phrase: “Ponies and balloons.”

OMG, has my Pony come at last LOL?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Well, the only place I've ever seen “ponies and balloons” is at the circus. Right? At any rate, about a week and half in, I learned what “ponies and balloons” meant. “Ponies and balloons” means that every time an official is headed anywhere near here, they get a heads up.. All assets are deployed into the hardest hit areas. The official comes in, flies over, “good job, fellas” (waves), pats ‘em on the back. When that official disappears out of the hardest hit area, so does 75%-80% of the response.

It’s happening. It’s happening every day. I’m watching it. I’ve seen it. I don’t agree with it. Anyone in this room’s not gonna agree with it. Anyone in our great nation’s not gonna agree with it.

We are expendable to these people. We do not matter.

Bingo. Exactly the same story as on the Marcellus Shale, or the mountains of WV, or up here in Zone 5b. Or where you are. And the video:

I love the way she starts: "To explain to you where I live...." We all live where Kindra Arneson lives, don't we?

NOTE And do look for the phrase "media blackout" in the transcript.

UPDATE Achievement!

UPDATE See "oil surplus population."

UPDATE Apparently, the transcript was created at DU.

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BP didn't invent the ploy. That's what "Potemkin village" means, after all, and that dates way back to, what?, the late 1700s?

Except people are supposed to be beyond that now.


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That commentary just validated why I'm running...I cannot stay silent and I need to be more aggressive, or I will lose my frakking mind! Thank you for this post, Lambert.

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We should be getting a lot more of our news this way. What's all this, The Corporate Media has been turned away form this spot or that? There are hundreds of thousands of people down there who can be interviewed, who have boats, and many thousands who have property that overlook the ocean.

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in the 70s. I would see a farmer's market devoid of any merchandise. Later that night, on the news, I'd see Ceausescu visiting - and the tables were jammed with fruit and vegetables.
later I found out they were moving the same produce from market to market ahead of his arrival.
There's a funny epilogue to this: when in US, the Ceausescus were visiting Macy's in NYC. Looking at all the abundance Elena Ceausescu told her husband: "they brought all the stuff here to impress us" Which told me that, while on the face of it, the farce was played for them, it was really meant for us, the public that was going daily to the empty markets.
I think it applies perfectly here.

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From Ms. Arneson's transcript:
“BP does business right”

And, Ms. Moore's recall of a man who lost his honor, dealing with Exxon:

They can turn straight-talk into authentic Frontier gibberish faster than they can sell a T-Bill short.