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Anti-Birth-Control Head of Birth Control Agency Retroactively Aborted



The head of the federal agency responsible for providing women with access to contraceptives and pregnancy counseling resigned unexpectedly Thursday after Medicaid officials took action against him in Massachusetts.

The Health and Human Services Department provided no details about the nature of the Massachusetts action that led to Dr. Eric Keroack's resignation.

Just five months ago, Keroack was chosen by President Bush to oversee HHS' Office of Population Affairs and its $283 million annual budget.

His "qualifications" for the job consisted of running a chain of "crisis pregnancy centers" which gave ultrasounds and pregnancy tests, followed by hysterical God-bothering rants against abortion should the client inquire about such. Oh, and he opposed the use of birth control too, because it disrespected women or some such crap.

We would speculate that this "unexpected resignation" which he says will be "explained" by his lawyers later, might have something to do with the story earlier this week about Medicaid-receiving doctors who fail to return the favor by, like, paying their income taxes. But speculation like that would be irresponsible after all.

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Submitted by lambert on

I mean, what are you implying?

That all Republicans are thieves?

That all Christianists are thieves?

That all forced-pregancy loons are thieves?

Let's try to be a little more precise, here, shall we?

[dodges zuchinni]

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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As always, I am greatly saddened by the relentless use of the politics of personal destruction that has resulted in the resignation of another dedicated public servant. So far, you progressives have forced the resignation of Tom Delay, a fine Christian and dedicated public servant, the wrongful imprisonment of the Honorable Randy Cunningham, a fine Christian and dedicated public servant, and the resignation of finest Secretary of Defense this country has ever known, Donald Rumsfeld, a fine Christian and dedicated public servant. When will it stop? And before you mention our extraordinary Attorney General, Alberto Gonzoles is a fine Christian and dedicated public servant.