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Anthony Weiner is using the PO to raise money over at FDL


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Submitted by dblhelix on

he's at the right place, don't you think? Public Option, Pweeze.

I like how Rosenbaum jumped right in, first post, with I've got 5 dolla, 5 dolla, can I get me a match?

Ya gotta wonder what fraction of the users at these blogs are just "Me too" shills to try and keep this going.

Submitted by hipparchia on

I like how Rosenbaum jumped right in, first post, with I've got 5 dolla, 5 dolla, can I get me a match?

ha! yeah, i noticed that one too. i thought maybe hcan or jason invited rep weiner to post. he seminal was jason's blog before he and jane merged their blogs under the fdl brand.

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Submitted by vastleft on

I'll repost mine here:

Such a deal!

For only $5, I can help promote “public option,” an undefined yet ever-shrinking “policy” that’s a roach motel for progressive energies!

Should I make the check out to “The Committee to Distract Liberals from Real Reform like Single-Payer or Socialized Medicine”?

Mr. Weiner, I’d gladly support the part of you that’s been outspoken in favor of single-payer. But playing footsie with the meaningless “public option,” a born bait-and-switch, is about the last thing I want to fund.

How many people will have access to “the” “public option”? Will it be designed to kill the profit motive in healthcare access? If not, why not? Is it because both major parties are wholly owned subsidiaries of Big Insurance and Big Pharma?

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Submitted by Valhalla on

It may just be a momentary glitch, but I get a not found error (as part of the fdl page, not a generic web one) now.

The link's still in the sidebar, it just goes to the same not found page.

Submitted by Anne on

This is the pattern there, it seems; gush praise for member of Congress, open wallet for said member, do not question, do not challenge. The penalty for non-compliance is removal of the forum.

How...democratic of them.

Submitted by Anne on

hilarious: does he really want to single out the Republicans on this one? Helloooo, Anthony - your Democratic president is the one making deals with the industry and closing off the single payer advocates from being part of the discussion - why pretend that this is just a Republican problem?

Oh, wait - I think I know: because the first rule of raising money is to demonize the other guy.

I think the pot needs an introduction to the kettle here.

Although there were the usual fawning comments in that thread, I was pleased to see real pushback, real anger, and honest confrontation there, too; vast, if your comment disappears, there are a lot of others that are going to vanish with it.

Those of you who read and/or comment at TL know that BTD is getting mighty annoyed with the questions about what, exactly, this public option IS that Senators are signing a letter to support a vote on; and still, no answer to that question.

I echo the sentiments of one of the FDL commenters, who essentially said to Weiner, "come back when you've actually DONE something."

Submitted by lambert on

Lemme see if it's cached...

NOTE Nope, not in Google cache. Maybe somebody should call Weiner's office 202.225.6616) and ask him if he knows what happened to it?

Man, that headline wrote itself, didn't it? "The comment thread Hamsher didn't want Weiner's staffers to read." Ah, well.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

Did any of the comments vanish? There seem to be some critical ones there.

I can't craft a coherent response (have too much work on my plate today) - but I also just got a begging letter from Gillibrand on "the" PO which she claims can go by reconciliation (ORLY? Wouldn't that have to be an expansion of Medicare?)

My inclination is to just keep reminding these people that Medicare for All is the way to go. And to push for expansion of Medicare (NOT buy-ins) faut de mieux.

My point is to let them know that we are out here and are willing to donate to candidates who are pushing for what we want and not uttering mushy blahblahblah about ill-defined POs.

Submitted by lambert on

VL's comment is there.

So, who knows? No doubt there will be cries of CT, but they have only themselves to blame, since the critique is driven by their own acts of censorship.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

Huh? Feeling stupid again...

Submitted by hipparchia on

i wonder how many donors and how much money he'd get if he had an actblue page promising to work on single payer instead of the piddly public option. we'll probably never know.

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Submitted by Valhalla on

a slightly different delivery model: C.O.D.

When progressives in Congress do something to advance single-payer, then we should contribute, not before. Only AHIP and other corporate sponsors risk little by paying in advance; we can't afford that luxury.

Weiner, to me, didn't make a very good case between donating to him and advancing the PO (even if that meant something). How exactly is the want of my $5 preventing him or others from acting for health care reform?

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

I've had trouble linking to FDL when I'm using Firefox. With Google Chrome I never have trouble linking. Must be some setting at FDL itself.

Submitted by hipparchia on


it must be something about fdl, i guess, although i haven't had any trouble linking there myself. i usually switch back and forth between opera and firefox. i guess someday i'm going to have to try chrome, since everybody seems to like it.