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Another try


I think now it reads as both the peace sign and a zinnia; the contrasting color is up to the site designer because the background is transparent; and I don't to add any words because the typeface should also be up to the designer. I tried several fields of zinnias, but I couldn't get one that clicked. If this seems close enough, I'll take out the black boundaries (which is a p.i.t.a....).

More like this? I want the Zinnia, for Howard Zinn.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on that it's still visible but not so overpowering (use a different more complimentary color/tone?). Let the peaceful flowers show through.

Can you reduce the size of the flowers so they "read" as flowers? I know they're zinnias, but someone who has not been watching this discussion might not be able to figure that out.

Just some thoughts.....

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Submitted by quixote on

And it'll scale down. The flowers wouldn't be identifiable at favicon size (maybe you won't ever need it that small?), but it'll still visibly be the same logo.

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Submitted by quixote on

Hey, now even the flower is easily identifiable. Nice work!

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Submitted by Stephanie on

...make the white lines of the peace sign -- in the first graphic -- thinner, making the zinnia more prominent. Just sayin' as a laid off graphic designer.

Submitted by lambert on

... it's actually for a site on non-violence that I'm building. If you want to take the idea and give it a professional gloss, I'll put a link to you on the site. Contact me in mail.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

I'd put the Zinnia in the peace sign and then put it against a white (or any color) background. I once had an awesome t-shirt that was white, but had the peace sign filled in with different colors and it looked, as I said, awesome. This way, to me anyway, it looks like the white lines of the peace sign cut up the Zinnia pic and so it doesn't emphasize the peace sign as much because the background is so busy. Where I would think a peace sign that was made of Zinnia's would emphasize the peace sign more. It would also make the peach sign itself pop more on a white background. Now you have all this color in the center, but then have to edge the peace sign in black to make it clear what it is at the edges.

I know nothing about graphic design, however, so take my comment with that in mind.

Submitted by lambert on

in the peace sign. I tried that. Massed zinnias would, which is one reason I tried that earlier. But I can't find an image of massed zinnias that I really like. Maybe in this different shape they will work. Making the flowers the positive space, not the negative.

Submitted by scoff on

but have no clue how to post the results here.

What I did was copy one flower and paste it multiple times to cover the bottom layer of the composition. Once I had the bottom layer covered in flowers I added the peace symbol and cropped the whole thing into a circular shape. The zinnias are recognizable and the peace symbol stands out well. (I kept a copy of the base of just flowers on a square canvas. I could send it to you if you'd like to play around with it yourself.)

Submitted by hipparchia on

maybe a partially [or mostly] transparent shade of gray/white/wev so that the flowers show through and the peace sign verges on subliminal suggestion.

don't know what image manipulation program you're using, but some of them have 'watermarking' capabilities - you make the peace sign a faded version or the portion of the image that's underneath it.