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Another supply chain contaminated for profit

No, not the food chain with salmonella, but the anesthetic supply chain with toxic materials. That's why there's a shortage.

Izvestia's story focuses on the resulting hold-up in lethal injections -- and boy, is that a tell for what elite opinion makers consider important -- but what about people undergoing major surgery where their anesthesiologist has to substitute chemicals that aren't their first choice?

NOTE Acupuncture? Well, maybe. Of course, it's hard to execute prisoners with acupuncture, so there's that.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

I'm having my shoulder scoped tomorrow AM. I'm going to ask to read the labels on the stuff they use before they put me "under".

Hope to be talking to you all again....tomorrow night. Gulp!

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Submitted by Bryan on

You know, something natural that grows in marginal soils and conditions, but has been used as an anesthetic for centuries.

It may be addictive, like almost all pain killers, but opium is definitely abundant and cheap. Too bad we are attempting to eradicate it, rather than just buying and using it.