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Another Skeleton Emerges

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Once again we are presented with evidence that Barack Obama is not the special and transformational figure he is advertised to be. Christi Parsons tells the tale:

Joining Chelsea Clinton and other women leaders to campaign for Hillary Clinton today is Alice Palmer, the former state senator who picked Obama to be her successor back in the mid-90s. When she tried to reclaim her spot, though, Obama got her booted from the ballot.

For those of you who aren't familar with Ms. Palmer's story, it is detailed in the Chicago Tribune:

The day after New Year's 1996, operatives for Barack Obama filed into a barren hearing room of the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners.

There they began the tedious process of challenging hundreds of signatures on the nominating petitions of state Sen. Alice Palmer, the longtime progressive activist from the city's South Side. And they kept challenging petitions until every one of Obama's four Democratic primary rivals was forced off the ballot.

I'm not offended by bare-knuckle tactics, cuz "politics ain't beanbag." But people who play hardball shouldn't whine when others do the same (there's no crying in baseball.)

Ms. Palmer's experience would certainly explain the WWTSBQ meme, because Barack Obama is at his best when he runs unopposed. He's never won an election when effectively challenged.

I hope Barack learns a lesson from this - "Be nice to those you meet on the way up, you'll be seeing them again on the way down."

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...that's the question I'd be asking if I were Obama. She was the one that 'introduced' him to Chicago Society so my guess is that she knows exactly where to look for any bodies. She'd also know the score on Ayers and might just have copies/info on his state legislative record that the campaign has kept hush-hush.