If you have "no place to go," come here!

Another roach motel for progressive energy?

MoveOn, Netroots Nation, "grass roots"... One of these things is not like the others. And Van Jones from the Center for American Progress? Just because the Rs are his enemy doesn't make him my friend.

UPDATE Then again, the Nation thinks the "left" in Versailles has a communications problem, and Van Jones is a communicator. No, what the "left" in Versailles has is a long record of betrayal. That's been communicated quite clearly. All the people behind the "American Dream" movement were wrong about Obama in 2008, were wrong about health care in 2009, were wrong about jobs in 2008-2011, and are wrong about the banksters now. They're also wrong about ZOMG!!! The debt!!!!! And in classic Versailles fashion, they're doubling down on #FAIL. Here's the platform these clowns need to adopt to show they're not just another sparkle pony:

1. Medicare for All

2. End the Wars

3. Tax the Rich

4. Jobs for All.

That's it. Of course, with a simple, justice-based platform like that, you can't bill for the web site, you can't bill for the social media consult, you can't bill for the panel dicussions, you can't bill for the conferences, you can't bill for the polling, you can't bill for the teebee advertising, you don't get a job on K Street, and you just repeat the same four simple points over and over. So there's that. No chance to be "creative," so these creative class assholes won't go for it.

UPDATE Actually, I'm thinking "Jail the banksters" might be good to add.


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The tell:

They hope to motivate unemployed veterans, struggling homeowners and other alienated Americans who are angry at Republicans’ desire to drastically cut government spending in Washington and collective bargaining rights for state employees in places like Wisconsin.

Yeah, and what about the Democrats who share the same goal? Isn't the vice president currently working on a plan to drastically cut government spending? And, where was Obama during the Madison protests?

And then there's this:

While the tea-party movement gained clout in part through successful primary challenges to establishment politicians in 2010, Jones said the “Dream” movement is not “about primaries.”

However, should their efforts succeed,’s executive director Justin Ruben says that the movement will push back against Democrats who don’t adhere to its goals.

Do these people actually understand how electoral politics work? What are they going to do, issue sternly worded press releases? Are they really this stupid, or do they just think everyone else is?