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Another resource:

May I commend this site to our esteemed moderator's attention? Maybe to list along with the guide to logical fallacies et al.?

Here's the main page; here's their sub-site (is that a word?) on insurance reform.


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the docs I know don't think much of him. And there are other issues:

Of course he'll probably claim these critics are out to get him, and so on and so forth. Plus, there are enough scams in alternative med to give him an element of truthiness. But there are scams in conventional med, too, and he doesn't seem interested in those.

A good resource about what does and doesn't work in alternative med is: Or if you can get a copy of Germany's Commission E report, that's very helpful, too. Alternative med is taken seriously in Germany. The Commission E scientists review all appropriate clinical trials, then draw conclusions of what works, what's questionable and what's not helpful.