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Another Reason to Move Your Money: Citibank Hates Gays

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Especially gay bloggers. Citibank Shuts Down Gay Entrepreneur's Bank Account Over Blog's Content:

Jason Goldberg is the CEO of a company called Fabulis, which is developing a website, iPhone app and social media application targeted at gay men. His company — which is at least his third start-up — is funded by investors including The Washington Post and the venture capitalist Allen Morgan, and they just launched their beta version this month. You would think he would be the kind of customer Citi would want — but Citi decided otherwise after a compliance officer reviewed his site and decided that a social networking application for gay men was “objectionable.”

For gawd's sake, if you bank with Citi - or any large bank - move your money. You're only empowering them. Stop it.

And ain't it grand that we live in a world where Citibank gets to be the morals police? Thank goodness we bailed them out instead of the rest of us!

(Via Yves Smith)

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