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Another HCR pony: Plenty of billing for the "creative class"


Starting Monday, a coalition of progressive groups — from labor unions to health care advocates — will sink millions of dollars into television advertising and sponsor grassroots events in swing House districts thanking Democrats for passing the law and highlighting its importance for average Americans.


I'm pleased for them. In fact, the entire exchange concept -- assuming the "creative class" can hold out through 2014 -- is a gusher of billing for marketing collateral, Web 2.0 sites, wellness incentives as backdoor pre-existing conditions, polling, Whole Foods seminars, and the entire Goebbels-ian propaganda apparatus of the modern corporate state, in which the creative class plays such a leading role! Remember, when they tell us how great it is, who's profiting.

Shorter: More rents, from a money flow that shouldn't even exist.

Not just sausage, but blood sausage....

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may I have another

my first question to the Healthcare-NOW! panel, will single payer protest these events? Or would that be counter productive?

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Submitted by votermom on

the 34 Dem reps who voted NO, for whatever reason.

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The more money is spent on the wrong jobs in healthcare, the less money there will be for jobs relating to the actual providing of care.

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It's what Howard Zinn said in response to MoveOn thanking Democrats for some sort of war resolution in 2007.

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ie, very sick, customers, from your link on wellness incentives as backdoor pre-existing conditions, this link to how insurance companies game the system to get around current requirements and regulations in NYS.

Dandelion, commenter at FDL who wrote he or she worked in the insurance industry, said there were any number of ways the BHIPs would get around the Obama proft protection plan's "toughest regulations ever in history."