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Another debate for Barack "No Mas" Obama to duck


Hillary Clinton said today that she would accept a debate offer from a major Spanish language television channel in Puerto Rico in the coming days because she said, “the issues facing Puerto Rico are serious and deserve a serious debate.”

“I accept that invitation anytime, anywhere," she told a small crowd during a campaign stop in the southwestern part of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is scheduled to vote one week from today, so a debate between Obama and Clinton would be possible. The issue is, Obama has not accepted a single one-on-one debate with Clinton since the Pennsylvania primary back in April. One reason, many believe, is that Obama had a poor debate performance there and was thought to have potentially cost him some votes in that state.

Leaders lead. They don't duck.

Obama ducks.

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They actually called him out on ducking, and for ducking because of poor performance.

Is it that they're finally seeing his flaws, or is this just because they've decided he's the nominee and McCain Rules trump Obama Rules?