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Another campaign innovation: the snuff debate

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Congratulations to msnbc on its impressive victory against Hillary Clinton last night!

Tim Russert and Brian Williams entered the debate with a firm lead over Clinton, and by starting with a one-two punch of calling her a hypocrite and a slime merchant, this thing was over faster than Tyson vs. Spinks.

Ungracious loser Hillary Clinton has yet to respond to calls for a concession speech.

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Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

Russert and Williams did manage to call Obama a terrorist, and a hypocrite on campaign finance reform.

I was really disappointed with Hillary's performance. She didn't make the points she needed to make --

1) "Brian, both of us have spun each others views in our mailings, and sometimes we've both gone too far, and we get called on it. Up until now, we've both stopped using the mailings that people say go to far. But Senator Obama is now using two mailings in Ohio that he used earlier, both of which have been thoroughly discredited -- and both of which are clearly designed to frighten people. And that is why I'm angry."

2) "Senator Obama, you keep telling people that I say you want to leave 15,000,000 people uninsured. I've never said that's what you wanted to do, I know you've want Universal Health Care. But there is a big difference between saying you want something, and having a plan that achieves what you say you want. I want Universal Health Care, and that's what my plan delivers. Your plan leaves 15 million uninsured."

3) (in response to his "people up to 25 will be covered under their parent's policy" stuff). "Well, Senator, I guess that's why you're so popular among young voters, and I'm so popular among middle-class and working class parents."

4) "Senator Obama, would you have been opposed to a UN sanctioned broad-based multinational force lead by the USA -- the kind we had when we threw Saddam out of Kuwait -- invading Iraq if Saddam had refused to comply with inspections?"

5) "Because its a joint tax return, Tim -- and I want this campaign to be focussed on issues, and that's what I'd like to see YOU talking about. Not the horse race. Not the polls. And certainly not the same kind of hyper-scruntiny of my husband's and my own personal lives that we both know you will obsess over the minute those tax returns are released. At the end of the primary season I'll release those returns, not because there is anything bad in them, but because the american people deserve journalism that focuses on the issues."

Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

...and Clinton should have said at the beginning of the second segment -- "Hold on there Brian. I wanted to respond on Iraq before the break, and you ahked me to wait until after the break -- and now you are trying to change the subject? We have real issues facing this country -- not Tim Russers ridiculous hypotheticals -- and that is what I, and I'm sure Senator Obama, have come here to discuss...."

but what I'm talking about is how Clinton knows that certain questions are coming, and knows that Obama is going to say certain things -- and she doesn't come up with new responses.

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Submitted by vastleft on

... she was taken aback by how unfair it was, and she didn't find a way to master the moment.

Her SNL reference was intellectually spot-on, but it was too meta to win the day. I wish she'd played it straight-up as a Joseph Welch moment (admittedly harder to do on your own behalf than someone else's), but alas she didn't.

Submitted by lambert on

Obama wins. BTDwrites:

My take? NBC stinks. Tim Russert stinks. Brian Williams stinks. Keith Olbermann stinks. Chris Matthews stinks. Who won the debate? No one. Who lost? Everyone. NBC's coverage of its coverage? We are fair. We are great. How could anyone complain? What a joke.

No, everybody didn't lose. Obama "won," because his allies in our famously free press went with the Hillary hatred again and destroyed the forum entire.

Would these people trash their brand and look like fools to convey a tactical advantage to their candidate of choice?

In a heartbeat.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.