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Announcing "2L4O: Too *Left* for Obama" shirts

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[no-glossary]Since we first started telling people about "2L4O: Too Liberal for Obama" shirts, we've gotten feedback from a number of lefties that they much preferred to be called lefties.

In some ears, "liberal" rings like "progressive" does to some of ours. To be blunt, connoting a weak or phony kind of leftism.

Different strokes, as they say. And now, different shirts.

2L4O shirts now come in your choice of L-words, "Liberal" and "Left." Whichever word you wear with pride, you can now wear it on a conversation-starter for a painfully overdue conversation.

If you do order, please be sure to specify which blog sent you, as they get some kibble to help keep their lefty / liberal wheels turning.

Thanks to the numerous blogs that support 2L4O and to the dozens of people across the country who have bought 2L4O shirts. Thanks also for the valuable feedback that led to this new shirt variety and to the switch to Union-made, American-made shirts.

Note: the "Too Left" shirts are on-order from the printer, so please expect delivery to take a little longer.


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slogans like:

If the Democratic Party Was Left Enough, I Wouldn't Have Had to Leave It.

I Left the Democratic Party Because It Was Too Right For Me.

Obama and The Democratic Party: Too Right Make Them All Wrong For Me.

[I have too much to do to be playing with words, but, I needed a quick break! Glad to hear the t-shirts are so popular (Obama probably wouldn't be, though)!]