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Five of the nation’s largest health insurers are in serious discussions about creating a new nonprofit group and bankrolling it to the tune of about $20 million to influence tight congressional races and boost the image of their industry.

No doubt.

Aetna Inc., Cigna Corp., Humana Inc., United HealthCare Inc. and WellPoint Inc. are weighing the new drive in part to shape the government regulations that will implement this year’s sweeping new health care legislation.

So, it's not enough that The Big O delegates writing the HCR bill to Liz Fowler, a WellPoint VP on secondment to Max Baucus.

No, they've got to own the whole process end-to-end, from statute to regulation.

NOTE One excellent, though long-term, solution: Turn off your teebee. Get rid of it. These fuckheads can't do public relations if they can't find a public to relate to. Via Susie.

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... which was such a proven vote-getter in 2008:

Hasan moderated a panel, "Primaries Matter: Reclaiming the Democratic Majority," that featured Arkansas Lt. Gov. Bill Halter (D), who with the backing of the progressive movement waged an unsuccessful primary campaign against Lincoln.
"We want to build a better party," Hasan said. "We're not just looking for people who are as liberal as possible. We're looking for fighters. We're looking for truth-tellers."

The panelists gave voice to lingering disappointment over Halter's failed bid. Adam Green, a co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, had particularly harsh words for Bill Clinton, whose full-throated endorsement of Lincoln is credited with helping her win.

"It's tough to see someone you've believed in betray you in a big way," Green said of the former president. "We need to pick our heroes. . . . I think it would be sad if we went through this entire conference without calling out Bill Clinton for what he did."

That's tellin' 'em, Adam! Paste 'em one for me!

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Sure, the Clinton administration was a kindler, gentler version of the Washington Consensus -- as any child among us knows. But as far as concrete material benefits to ordinary people, the Big O hasn't done jack squat except call for sacrifice, and Clinton did much better. Shit, I had a real job back then, with health insurance and everything! Like the PA truck driver said: Which part do they hate? The peace, or the prosperity?

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that Obama also endorsed Lincoln. (Perhaps not a "full-throated" endorsement, but still.)