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Steve Benen:

In effect, yesterday['s health insurance reform kabukijerk] was about both sides asking the other a fundamental question. Obama's question for Republicans was, "We're offering a bipartisan, comprehensive package built around principles you claim to support. Are you willing to work with us?" Republicans came with their own question: "Will you throw out all the work you've done and promise to let us kill reform with a filibuster?" Both sides have the same answer to the competing questions: "No."

Think about that for a moment.

Could the kabuki be any more clear? Could it be... that both legacy parties are working from the very same "principles"?

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

The legacy party lock-step. But this sure does allow *both* sides to raise money by demonizing the other.

The beauty is that if Dems do get a bill through, it's a GOP bill that fucks us all over and the health insurance industry wins. But if the Dems don't go through reconciliation and actually allow the GOP to filibuster, then things stay the same and the health insurance industry wins, though probably not as big as if the Dems pass their shit bill. Meanwhile, a bunch of "creatives" get to have useless propaganda jobs as part of the Dems/progressive/GOP/conservative staff. It's a win-win-win-win situation for the legacy parties and their allies. A lose-lose-lose-....-lose situation for everyone else.

Submitted by Anne on

being said by a (questionably) Democratic president to the Republican leadership is disturbing enough, but to realize that that is the “bipartisan” camouflage for an enormous direct-to-the-industry benefit is much, much worse.

What the American people should be hearing through their Obama Translating Device is “the old days of Democrats taking from the rich to give to the poor are over; the new paradigm is – screw the poor – rich is good! We want it all, too! Money, power and prestige – all gooood. And – bonus! – we’re even going to be just as authoritarian as you are!”

Good times...

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Submitted by a little night ... on

the "two sides" are "bipartisan" and "Republican", and "bipartisan" means "built for Republicans", so...

Apparently, as Pete Townshend said in another context, one and one makes one.

Edited to add: maybe it's not such a different context. After all, the song says,

I'd gladly lose me to find you
I'd gladly give up all I had
To find you I'd suffer anything and be glad

I'd pay any price just to get you
I'd work all my life and I will
To win you I'd stand naked, stoned and stabbed

I'd call that a bargain
The best I ever had