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Annals of "progressive" idiocy

Do we need to say who? Avedon calls teh stupid:

You know, it really is stupid to think that moving the Overton Window farther and farther to the right is harmless. It is not harmless to let people think that spending on good things (stimulus, Social Security, real universal health care) is bad for the economy, but spending on bad things (stupid wars, subsidies to bloated corporations) is vital and necessary. It is not harmless to buy into the same right-wing memes that have brought us to our current crisis in the first place. It is not harmless to refuse to fight back against lies that the only problem is spending, and that it's spending that the public is against. The public's problem isn't that we aren't being mean enough.

The public is against spending when "spending" means taking all their money and giving it to rich, irresponsible bankers and insurance companies. People who assume this means the public is really against all spending - that is, people who have their heads getting stuck in the ever-narrowing Overton Window while making cracks about how whacky the left is for worrying about Overton's Window - are the real stupid.

Or, in Booman's case, surreal stupid. Can't somebody take the handcuffs off that poor frog?

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Submitted by okanogen on

No go ever.

Booman is indeed a sad case. Yeah he's a chump*, but that's all he is, he's not venal, cruel or hateful. "That" place is all those things and worse. If they are deserting Obama, it's because he isn't "cool" anymore, not because they actually have any values they think Obama is betraying. Rather, do poo-flinging monkeys even have vaules?

*and I think that's because he basically is a "yellow dog" Democrat, i.e. more of a Democrat than a progressive. He is plainly going to go down with this ship.

Submitted by lambert on

The latter would be superficially more plausible. And probably a better writer, within the parameters of what Versailles considers good writing.