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Annals of career "progressive" idiocy

Jeebus, it's been so long since I've looked at a D blog I didn't realize how badly the rot had set in. This doltish post from Booman really takes the biscuit:

(1) When Democrats and liberals notice that one of our own is unambiguously a scumbag, we reject that person.

(2) When one of our own is unambiguously a scumbag, we actually notice the obvious scumbaggery, which is what leads to rejection.

For some definition of scumbag, I guess.

For example, surely it's clear -- and follow me closely, if you're a Booman reader who came over here -- that a President who assassinates US citizens without due process is a scumbag.

I mean, how much scummier do you get than waking up in the morning, deciding that shooting a US citizen (you, me, even Booman) is a good idea, and then ordering the hit? But Booman defends this.

Which tells you everything you need to know about Booman, the dominant faction of the Ds for which Booman shills, the Ds themselves, the legacy party system of which they are a part, and the collapse of Constitutional government. (Remember "He's a professor of Constitutional law!" Happy, innocent days....)

NOTE To be fair, Booman may not be as stupid as he seems to be. He could be a good German.

UPDATE Sheesh, by this time, some Booman acolyte has generally wandered over here to call me an asshole. They must really be demoralized over there. And for good reason.

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Submitted by ralphbon on

They turn a blind eye to their war criminals, while we never turn a blind eye to our adulterers.

Submitted by 3 hands clapping on

I spoke to Booman once. He told me that the reason he is not hard on Obama in his blog, is that if he was, the Obama staff wouldn't listen to what he had to say for he regularly speaks to them with some other bloggers on conference phone calls.

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Submitted by tom allen on

Like Klein and Yglesias, he has access to the White House. He has squirt gun fights with Peter Orszag. He's on a first-name basis with Ben Bernanke. Surely he's not a member of the veal pen.

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Submitted by tom allen on

If I were a better poet, I'd become Tom Allen Ginsberg and Howl:

"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,"

Except this generation of sycophants is fat and well-clothed. Pity they haven't read their King Lear. Then they'd have a glimpse of their fate.

So I'll continue to be poor mad pie-faced Tom O'Bedlam. You know what happened to him, don't you? Oh, right. He survived the disaster and became a righteous king.

(Well, this might be a bit of braggadocio. Or at least a good afternoon's entertainment.)

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Submitted by mtngun on

The left as a whole seems to lack a consistent set of values and instead operates on situational ethics, oppositional politics, and tribalism. Conservative values are only slightly more consistent. As Noam Chomsky says about the two parties, they could change positions 180 degrees and no one would even notice.

A recent article on the left's situational ethics by Lawrence Davidson:

MLK and Howard Zinn strike me as examples of lefties who did have consistent, well articulated values.