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Annals of career "progressive" idiocy

Steve Benen:

The Senate’s leading Republican is saying, publicly and on the record, that without Medicare cuts, he’ll try to create an economic calamity on purpose.

The obvious question, at this point, is what kind of cuts McConnell has in mind, and whether (and how much) it would affect benefits for the elderly. Maybe the Senate Minority Leader doesn’t have the policy chops to talk about his ideas for reductions in any depth, or maybe he’s just saving it for the negotiating table.

Either way, it’s a fairly big deal. In fact, now that McConnell has admitted it, Democrats should probably let the public know. [No, giving the Ds advice on how to be progressive isn't the idiotic part, although it is idiotic. The idiotic part is coming up!] The talking point isn’t complicated: Senate Republicans will create a recession unless Democrats agree to Medicare cuts.

Of course, the talking point will ineffective if Dems decide to go along with McConnell’s hostage strategy and pay the ransom.

What planet is Benen from, anyhow?

Oh, wait. Washington Monthly. Sorry. My bad.

No, but seriously, folks, on what planet does permanent 10% nominal (20% real) DISEMPLOYMENT not count as a recession?

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It really is a different world in Washington, DC. I gather they have very little unemployment there. Maybe we should all go there to see if they have jobs...

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Forbes, 2010:

Jobs in Washington are growing quickly, and in 2008 the city produced more in goods and services than almost anywhere in the country.

[D.C. is] relatively insulated from economic volatility. Federal and state jobs all but guarantee the health of a local economy, and nowhere is there more government-related work than in Washington. The city has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, at 6.2%, and its output amounts to $362.3 billion, more than three times the average for the country's largest cities.

"Output." Delicately phrased!

Here's another post on the same topic.

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is that the Village doesn't recognize unemployment.

But let's not miss the point that McConnell will happily make matters worse causing added suffering.

You'd think even Democrats would be able to make electoral hay out of this.

Wanna bet it won't happen.