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Annals of career "progressive" idiocy

So you don't have to. Booman, bankster shill. The new euphemism for the bailouts:

... the stabilization of financial markets ...

If Booman thinks that's either true, or even full of win, he's even more a fool than I thought.

And it really did have to come to this. After Obama took the banksters' money, appointed Tim Geither, normalized Bush's bailouts of the banks, had Holder's DOJ give their CEOs a Get Out Of Jail Free card, and made the TBTF banks even bigger, Booman really has no choice but to resort to Orwellian euphemism. I imagine outright lying comes next. Everybody who supports Obama comes away dirty.

NOTE Hey, can somebody else click through on the link to Booman above, and then click on his Sitemeter page and see if Corrente show up? Maybe it's just me, but if Booman's censoring incoming hits from Corrente on his (publicly visible) logs, that would be hilarious. In a completely pathetic yet Orwellian "progressive" way, of course.

UPDATE Apparently, it is just me. Too bad, but thank you, readers.

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Submitted by regulararmyfool on

Been reading Booman and Corrente for a couple of years. I've attacked Booman repeatedly for believing in the Democratic fairy tale. However, lately he is starting to break out of the lawyer mode where he defends his client. I think that soon he is going to admit that his client is guilty as hell. What that will do to his world view, I have no idea but it should be interesting.

I find his naivete rather amusing.

Sort of the same way that I read lambert's Mahatma Gandhi quote.

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

That's what appeared on the Site Meter page for my entry over to Booman's article. I don't know how reliable Site Meter's stats are, or how much one can read into missing information there. My guess is that if it doesn't get information quickly, it just says it couldn't find it. We don't want to wait for our stats, after all.

Heck, my browser could be set up to mask referring URLs, and I don't even know it.