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Annals of career "progressive" idiocy

Booman, by now, has been fully assimilated, and his brain completely replaced by quivering, gelatinous gray goo fed directly from the White House press office:

There are two things that will help us [who?] get our mojo back: Speaker Boehner and Obama's reelection campaign. That's all we need. An improving economy would be nice, but realistically we are going to be fighting over who is to blame for high unemployment and who has a better plan to get something through Congress that will create jobs.

Booman -- and I know this will surprise you -- is full of shit.

It doesn't take any Congressional action at all to create jobs; FDR created the WPA by executive order.

NOTE Of course, to any follower of the fortunes of the Obama's rump D faction from 2008 on, Booman's readiness to throw the DISemployed under the bus, and ignorance of basic facts on policy, should come as no surprise. He's the career "progressive" of career "progressives"!

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Submitted by DCblogger on

nothing like 10% nominal unemployment to make the kool aide wear off. They really are down to Scary Sarah, as in we will win because the opposition is so bad.

Submitted by regulararmyfool on

Someone needs to hold an intervention with Booman. Someone needs to help him back to reality.

His writings are becoming so divorced from reality that he has to be on more uppers than I am.

Why he spends time writing I don't know. He could cut and paste White House propaganda releases and save himself the effort of writing.