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Annals of career "progressive" idiocy

The Big O gives a "kick the left" speech at his $30,000 a plate dinner in Greenwich,* and Hamsher's reaction? Wait for it...

Obama Mocks Public Option Supporters

Of course, first The Big O came for "the little single payer advocates" and Jane didn't do anything about that...

NOTE * Were they Obama Commemorative Plates? That would explain a lot.

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Submitted by vastleft on

some sort of undetermined amount of access to some sort of undetermined program with some sort of undetermined benefits and some sort of farcical hope of creating some sort of competition to Big Insurance?


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Submitted by okanogen on

Obama = Lucy, PO = Football, and Charlie Brown = every dumb fuck who bought that line of bullshit. Hell, Obama is right to laugh! He should laugh. Would Lucy be better or worse if she didn't laugh when she pulled the football away from Charlie? Hell, he was so gullible and trusting and naive, and this is after he had been screwed over countless times. Each time he buys it, and each time she just shakes here head and laughs while he lies on the ground smacking his head for being stupid, stupid, stupid!

So yeah, ole Barry is just a laugh riot. You know what? Hey, I know that 45K dead per year is worth a chuckle or two, but the fun doesn't stop there. For example, here's another knee-slapper, at least from Obama's point of view.

So, where's that "steely-eyed realist" bringiton to tell us how that "one year gitmo" closure thingy worked out for him?

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Submitted by vastleft on

If it accounted for the Hysteresis Effect.

Lucy really did have sports equipment in hand, which Charlie could have had fun with if she didn't yank it away.

ObamaDems double-game the system, by substituting worthless goals -- such as the meaningless "public option" and merely relocating Gitmo -- and then witholding them as much as possible. So you're high and dry even if somehow they do deliver on the phony goal they've conned you into salivating for.

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Submitted by okanogen on

Or at least on the primary campaign trail, that's what he was peddling. And yes, that's a real football, for 90% of the people who are mainly trying to just live their lives, and don't have time to look through the Enron-esque off-balance sheet footnotes, or fine print that (as Tom Waits might say) "taketh away". Most people (not the ones here who saw through his bullshit, certainly) were actually expecting some kind of real healthcare reform from Obama. And that would have been the pleasure of kicking it through the goalposts. That doesn't take anything away from your hysteris effect, just because what Obama had inside the candy wrapper wasn't candy, but instead a shit sandwich.

Maybe the analogy would have been better if Lucy had, at the last minute, switched the real football for one made out of manure, and let Charlie go through all of the work, then kick it and cover himself with shit. Then she could sit back and have a good laugh about it.

Aside from the bucket of blood on your head, how did you enjoy your prom, Carrie?

Submitted by lambert on

That's exactly it. Thanks. It takes "one side is lying, and the other is not telling the truth" and makes it dynamic.

Submitted by windy on

why they didn't use "single payer" in this speech as well, since that would fit better with the narrative they've been pushing. Not trying very hard anymore?

Submitted by lambert on

... single payer is an "unconcept."

The left end of the Overton Window on health care has been occupied firmly by the Progressive Orgasm (PO)* folks. Single payer cannot be spoken of, except, of course, to denigrate its advocates.

NOTE * A Progressive Orgasm never comes.