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Politically, things in this country are totally fucked up. A lot of Democrats are celebrating tonight because they think our losses will be slightly less than expected in November now that teabaggers have swept the evening. I'm here to tell you to curb your enthusiasm. We may be gaining some slight political advantage, but we're losing one of the only two viable political parties in this country. This is serious business. I get criticized for going easy on the Obama administration. I don't want to go easy on them. But look at the alternative. Someday soon, most progressives will wake up and realize that I was a bellweather [sic]. But I won't be gloating. All I did was tell you what was coming and where our energy should be placed.

And we get? Because I've got an idea:

Let's play politics!

Seriously, if Obama's rump Democrats want the left on board, why don't they play old-fashioned politics and throw something our way? Elizabeth Warren's out, now, quelle surprise, but maybe they could flip flop on Alan Simpson and give him the old heave ho, or even abolish the Cat Food Commission. In fact, they don't care if the left is on board, so they don't give the left anything. They're the professionals, so I say let's take our cue from them.

Leaving Booman coming out of the toilet with just The Fear Card in his hands ....

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[sic], indeed... Can the guy get any fuller of himself? I think it's high time he pulled his bellweather out of his ass...