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Annals of career "progressive" idiocy

If this is Saturday, it must be Paul Rosenberg. Fish, meet barrel:

An appointed senator who never ran for office before, but instead rose the ranks of corporate raidership under a notoriously anti-union mentor. It makes perfect sense... for a Republican!

The appointment of Bennet was just one of a flurry of such moves by which the Democratic Party moved sharply to the right after the 2008 elections--a move with absolutely no credible foundations.

Today, Bennet's appointment stands out as part of a multi-front assault on public teachers and public education, which is about as inimical to traditonal Democratic Party values as it's possible to be.

Things happened so rapidly after the 2008 election that most folks simply had no idea what to make of it--much less how to react.

That is no longer the case. The battle lines now are clear.

"After"? After? Yes, apparently false charges of racism, vile misogyny, caucus fraud, and procedural violations at the Rules and Bylaws Committee weren't enough.

Nor was The Big O's flip flop on FISA in July 2008.

Nor was The Big O whipping for TARP in October 2008 without holding the banksters accountable in any way, or seeking to make the process transparent. (To be fair, the career "progressives" had been given the very important job of screaming "Look! Over there! Sarah Palin!" so they had no time to cover the bailouts. Unlike some blogs.)

Now the "battle lines" are clear? NOW?

Anyhow, welcome to the class of 2010, Paul. With a track record like yours, I'm sure you'll be the first to agree you should be taking a leadership role!

NOTE The outcome of the 2008 primary is "fruit of the poison tree." It's not surprising that career "progressives" would prefer not to eat it. But eat it they shall, since there's no other way for the left to move forward.

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Submitted by cwaltz on

teachers and nurses aren't "creative" enough(since education wouldn't be their problem. Nurses and teachers reek of the Bubbas they teach and care for(oh and many of them are icky wimmenz that wouldn't date creatives when they were in jr and high school). Evidently now that the "educated" creative class has their meal ticket it is no longer necessary to ensure the next generation have the same opportunities. Thanks again creative class geniuses for helping aid the US race to the bottom

(I know, I know......I sound bitter. I'm not that though so much as I'm irate.)