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Annals of career "progressive" idiocy

Booman never disappoints:

It needs to be repeated. So, I'll keep repeating it. We're in a brutal brawl, but, ironically, the left and the right are largely on the same side of the fight.

"Brutal brawl." Yeah. Remind me again where Obama came up? Chicago, right? Where being a sensitive singer/songwriter immediately qualifies you for office? Face it:

1. The "brawl" is kabuki. Just like Chicago, Versailles is a one-party state, although there are two different factions, called legacy parties, that hate each other. When it comes to policy issues about 10% nominal (20% real) unemployment, or servicing the banksters, or making sure that women and hippies get beat down, the two parties are totally aligned with each other (modulo cultural markers). The real brawl -- a war, really -- is Versailles against the American people, but Booman can't say that, because then his access vanishes

2. There's no "irony" in what Booman calls the left (I assume he means "progressives") and the right being on the "the same side of the fight" (that Versailles is conducting against the American people). That's the operational definition of bipartsanship. The Big O ran on that. "Progressives" like Booman supported him.

What did they imagine was going to happen?

I mean, besides the dove descending, and the whole "in whom I am well pleased" bushwa (Matthew 3:17), which some "progressives" actually seem to have believed, which should completely discredit them forever and ever amen, but Versailles being Versailles, will no doubt ensure their continued funding.

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