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Annals of career "progressive" idiocy

Phoenix Woman:

Across the country, Republican candidates are engaged in a rather awkward dance: trying to distance themselves from the Tea Partiers that represent the Republican base without actually alienating them.

Then again:

Across the country, the Democratic leadership is engaged in a rather awkward dance: kicking the left at every opportunity while demanding their money and time, with career "progressives" begging "Please Sir, I want some more!"

I mean, come on. The Versailles version of the left is reduced to being bought off with a single appointment? Dear Lord. Quelle pathetique.

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Submitted by madamab on

But the mere fact that so many "progressives" are mobilizing their resources to make it happen, seems like a key indicator that it won't happen.

What important battle have they actually won? None. Their failure is largely due to two things:

1) Picking the wrong fights (Public Option Sparkle Pony, anyone?); and
2) Failing to correctly identify the enemy (i.e., INOF!).

Why was Obama shoved down our throats? It was for the sole purpose of splitting the Democratic Party, thus making the left powerless to affect any real change whatsoever. Obama co-opted and took over all the organizations that had successfully pressured Dem politicians before (, Emily's List, etc.), then he laughed at them when they expected something in return.

The Establishment left is now completely fucking useless.

Mission accomplished.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

When I read your comment about them my initial thought was "what's happened to Move On?"

What are they up to these days? I never hear anything about them (not from them, either, since I told them to STFU and stop sending me their garbage.)

Curious minds want to know.

FYI...out here in the hinterlands of Arizona (Yup - big, bad Arizona!) no candidate has any party affiliation on their yard signs. There also must be a Yard-Sign war going on as one of them has "Thou shall not Steal" written on the back.

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Submitted by madamab on

It's actually been going on in New York for a few years. We sometimes see advertisements for candidates and we have no clue if they're Democrats or Republicans.

Even in this blue state, people are fed up with the legacy parties.

Also, it's now kewl for women to use their first names plus the year they're running as their website names. (notice - Linda has no Party affiliation on her front page)

And the "Obama for America" look is EVERYWHERE. It's the new template for all candidate websites.