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Annals of career "progressive" idiocy

[Sorry to pay attention to this, CD, but as Thoreau didn't say, when you see fish in a barrel....]

At Booman Tribune:

It wasn't right but when has that ever stopped Breitbart or Drudge or FOX or Limbaugh from defaming good people to advance their agenda? They wanted to attack the NAACP after that organization's resolution condemning racism in the Tea Party. The fact that Ms. Sherrod was an employee of the Obama administration was a bonus for them. Ms. Sherrod could be made to appear to be a "black woman who hated white people and refused to help them" by taking her remarks from a speech she gave to the NAACP out of context and implying that she and the Obama administration was deliberating discriminating against poor white people.

Classic. That's the lead. What Brietbart said is more important than what the White House did -- which was to throw Sherrod under the bus at Brietbart's behest. Sort of the reverse of the old "sticks and stones" adage, eh?

But here's the real beauty part. Notice -- and this is a tell of real cognitive dissonance for tribalists -- the extreme confusion around "we" and "they":

The trouble was no one on Vilsack's staff or at the White House stood up for her. No one on our side gave her the benefit of the doubt or waited to investigate the claims of people that we and they know to be liars, con artists and propagandists who distort the facts with little concern for the consequences to the lives of the people they set out to destroy. In short they acted as if the accusations of known sociopaths and defamation specialists were the gospel truth before even bothering to fact check those claims. Even the NAACP fell for this trap, afraid to tarnish their precious reputation. At least they have now apologized to her.

So which is it to be, guys? Is the Obama administration "we" or "they"? I know that's a hard question for an amateur tribalist to answer, let alone a "pro." So the "progressives" have my sympathy while they ponder their dilemma.

And while I'm waiting for the answer, let me pose a second question that may explain why the first one is hard for these to ask themselves, let alone answer: Does the White House firing a black woman make them racists? If not, why not?

And the question "progressives" don't care about one way or the other: Does firing a woman on Breitbart's say so make the White House sexist?

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was that women are racist - that's why they were supporting Hillary over Obama. So, this plays nicely into that meme, though, of course, the race is different.