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Annals of career "progressive" idiocy

Booman now at gale force:

[W]hat's not helpful* is to harp on the fact that the administration didn't fight sufficiently for an adequate stimulus in the first place. Who cares? How does that help now?

Teh funny! "Looking forward and not back," the hilarious thing about this is that it's exactly those who were not helped by the original stimulus -- 16.2 "differently employed" for the forseeable future -- who Booman would like to STFU. Hey, can we make a deal?

We help you after you help us. How does that sound? Deal?

NOTE * That is, does not serve Booman's legacy party faction.

UPDATE Lord Eschaton is distinctly unhelpful:

[I]t is the case that the Bush economy through much of his presidency, while not as awesome as the press often portrayed it, was... better than it is now.


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