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Annals of career "progressive" idiocy

[Krugman administers a good beating to Booman's betters, if betters is the word I want, over the exact same issue.]

I thought Booman was still offline, but no:

The Democratic base isn't all that happy, but they know Obama had a great week and they know the Gibbs-Pelosi flap was a sideshow barely noticeable in the historic context of what has been and will shortly be accomplished by the president.

"Historic context"? The Big O's already brought nominal unemployment to 10% (real 20%). Is He going for 12%? 15%?

The sky's the limit!

The base, unlike wannabe insiders, can live without knowing who has to eat Nelson, Lincoln, Bayh, or Landrieu's shit.

Booman's got his career "progressive" faction confused with real people.

It's the economy, you stupid Fuck.

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It's not "the economy" stupid, it's jobs that pay enough to pay the rents the elites charge.

I wouldn't worry about "Booman" his public shwang sucking habit is desperation...he's becoming more pathetic with his pleading.

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"The base doesn't give two shits about wannabe insider crapola like Pelosi vs. Gibbs. "


What depresses the base is eating shit from Ben Nelson, Blanche Lincoln, Evan Bayh, and Mary Landrieu. What depresses the base is having to get permission from Scott Brown or Olympia Snowe to pass any legislation. Not being able to close Guantanamo Bay because our elected officials in Congress are a bunch of pussies is depressing to the base. Escalating our efforts in Afghanistan is depressing to the base. Failing to criminally prosecute war criminals and torturers is depressing to the base. Ongoing use of Bush-era legal arguments for covering up government activity is depressing to the base.

Yeah. And of course, OBAMA isn't responsible for any of that. Riiiiiight.

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I did a longer version, but just got too discouraged with it, and left the wrong phrase in. Thanks.