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Annals of career "progressive" idiocy

Still playing the race card! Because it's the only card he's got! Yes, It Is About Race.

For some definition of "it," that is.

Like everybody in the FKDP that didn't support the career "progressive" purge of the unterbussen. But what would I know?

I'm a racist!

NOTE Naturally, Booman's latest made the Rec List at The Obama 527 Formerly Known As Daily Kos. Look! Over there! A teabagger just walked into a Denny's!

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Submitted by annabellep on

And it's sad, because it's getting to the point that if racism actually happens, we likely won't recognize it. So when a legitimately victimized minority attempts to stand up and call for support over racism, who will take them seriously?

For people who actually want racial harmony and have worked for it, seeing this happen is so disheartening. Of course demoralization of good, earnest people is part of the game.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I prefer the Whiskey Fire version

The Republican party is truly degenerating into the KKK/Montana Militia/John Birch Society

It is as if our entire political system has degenerated into Edwin Edwards vs David Duke

We have the Kleptrocrats vs Nazis.

Just because phony charges of racism were made in the primaries does not mean that the racism of Rand Paul & Co is not real. It is and it is a major threat.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

You can't confuse the potential danger of Rand Paul types with the actual danger. A relatively smal number of KKK types do not pose a major threat at all. While hate groups are making a resurgence, they are low by historical standards. David Duke was dangerous but never resulted in a real threat. There are so many real dangers out there that your constant calls to fear the Tea Party people just gets more and more absurd. We should point out the absurdity of the Tea Party's philosophy rather than telling the world that they have a lot of power that they don't really have. You beat hate groups by marginalizing them, not continuously making it seem like they are mainstream. Just because real racism exists doesn't mean that everyone is a racist.

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Submitted by madamab on

Is that you're accusing people of a thoughtcrime, of which anyone can be convicted. The smallest word or gesture can be interpreted as racist, and used against those who do not support Obama, either from the left or the right. For that reason, even before I was constantly and baselessly accused of racism by former blogfriends, I was always uncomfortable with focusing on it as a way to fight the right-wing conservatives.

I have always thought that when talking politics, it's better to focus on political effects rather than alleged personality traits. Now, if the Tea Party people are actually elected to office, what would the effects be? I do believe that they would be dangerous if they were elected, but no more so than our current group of Congresscritters and our President.

I mean, since Obama has taken office, what has he done differently than Tea Party people? Has he addressed institutionalized racism? Not at all - he's actually made it worse by demonstrating that he is as uncaring about the current plight of the Gulf Coast as George Bush was. And he broke his promise about legalizing marijuana (which would help keep a whole lot of young black men out of prison). As for the Tea Party's insistence on curtailing women's rights, Obama has already done far more in a year and a half than Bush did in eight years.

Pardon me for not freaking out on cue every time Sarah Palin or Rand Paul open their mouths. My problem is that the wingnuts are totally in control of BOTH PARTIES! And screaming "racist" every five minutes does not change that reality one iota.

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Submitted by Cleaver on

A blast from the past

0 = blast
1 = a blast from a shotgun killed Martin Luther King Jr.--in the past!
2 = Barack H. Obama Jr. is a great African American leader, following in the (past!) footsteps of Martin Luther King Jr.
3 = lambert, none too subtly, has threatened to assassinate Barack H. Obama Jr.

3 strokes!

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Submitted by DCblogger on

While hate groups are making a resurgence, they are low by historical standards.

David Neiwert and others have documented that ever since Obama surfaced hate groups have been energized and their numbers growing. Anti-immigrant hate is at an all time high.

Gun sales are going thru the roof. You have to be in serious denial not to see the danger from these groups.

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Submitted by madamab on

I'm assuming there is something you think we should be doing about the massive threat to our democracy that these hate groups represent. May I ask what that something is?

I mean, "Don't elect them" is kind of a no-brainer. (I can't see me pulling the lever for another right-winger ever again; that was a one-time thing.) Is there any other recommendation you can make?

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Submitted by Cleaver on

Word problem:

If Bill and Hillary Clinton are racists; and if (as Chris Bowers said) "we nominated the black guy"; and if Sarah Palin was not really pregnant before giving birth; then how many cups of hot beverage does Rand Paul have to wring from a single teabag before he can be said to be enjoying a "full win"?

Show your work.