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to catch the reference to Clinton.

I guess I was hung up with the Orwellian framing.

Shorter Obamabot:

"Some people argued that we shouldn't get our health care pony pie but Obama stood up and said 'I will deliver a pony pie. I wasn't elected to deliver merely crumbs like the other crumbums.' And for all you haters out there who keep pointing out that there is no pony pie but only crumbs . . . . well I say you need crumbs to make pony pie! And I really believe Obama is serious about making a pony pie and would if he could. He's not like the last guy that promised us pony pies and gave us uniform crumbs instead. Anyway, stop your complaining. It only helps the evil Republitards and you don't think they will make you you a pony pie, do you? Final note, since I secretly know my argument is bullshit I'm going to harass any naysayers below, and I encourage others to join me, while at the same time pretending to be magnanimous and encourage debate. All Hail Obama. Activate cyborg activism. Clicky on peoples' thingies and hide rate any suspect characters"

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I didn't see that Medicaid was expanded to 133% of the poverty level. Ever since the progressives folded I didn't stick around to watch how bad of a train wreck it would be . . . . but I'm not surprised the results are bad. I thought they were talking about expanding Medicaid to 200% to 300% of the poverty rate. But I guess that's just the level where the government kicks in some money directly to the insurers while they make the consumer citizen pay the rest.

The federal poverty line for an individual is currently $10,800 a year:

So that is roughly $14,500 a year now to go on Medicaid (rough calculation) . Woo Hoo. Those lucky duckies.

Also, to go on Medicaid one is practically treated as a criminal. The barriers to signing up make it prohibitive as well.

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are going to run on HCR and the 'Stimulous'? Seriously? Where's Seth and Amy?