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Annals of bankster-friendly sexist piggery: Vogue interviews Geithner, nixes Sheila Bair because "we can't shoot her"

Via the great Yves:

As Moe Tkacik reported in Jezebel:

Just a few weeks ago I happened to get into conversation with a junior editor at Vogue — which, for all its faults, is still one of the only American women’s magazines to actually include any long-form feature writing that goes much beyond Area Woman Brought Closer To Husband By Bad Disease. This editor told me that she was itching to cover the financial crisis. (Vogue has apparently noticed that there has been a financial crisis.) The only problem, said this editor, was that her magazine’s coverage would have to take the form of a profile, and because of Vogue’s female audience, the profile would have to be of a woman. What’s more, any appropriate profile candidate would need to be attractive. “I pitched Sheila Bair to the photo department,” said this editor, “and they said, ‘Are you kidding? We can’t shoot her.’”

Yves here. Now I can’t be certain Vogue does not have something in the works, but a Google search and a site search of failed to turn up any sign of Elizabeth Warren either.

Doesn't Vogue understand that smart and honest is the new sexy?

But Geithner is lanky enough to be a model, so he passes muster, and an early snippet of the Vogue piece (the article is not out yet) at Politico predictably plays up this appearance:

A lithe and athletic 48 years old, Geithner … has the kind of looks that can go either way [!!]: Half an inch one way he’s John F. Kennedy; half an inch the other he’s Lyle Lovett. In person, he’s friendly, relaxed, and prone to making jokes at his own expense — the first thing he tells me when we sit down is how much ‘shit’ he’s going to get from his friends for doing an interview with Vogue. … Geithner … is very smart, very angry, and more than a little relieved that the economy did not tank further than it has. Indeed, as bad as things look today, it could have been worse. A lot worse. ‘We were starting to have a classic bank run, people were starting to take their money out of banks, something that hadn’t happened since the Great Depression.’

Yves here. I suppose puff pieces to hide the true character of what passes for our leaders are a more civilized way to distract the public from the rot in the empire than killing gladiators, but it sure doesn’t feel that way.

Of course, people should still take their money out of the big banks that Timmy bailed out, and put their money into local banks or credit unions, where the CEOs aren't paid huge bonuses to lose other people's rent money and retirement money by playing the ponies and losing. Because the same people are still in charge, doing the same things, and they're going to crash the system again. And check these fees.

Vogue needs somebody to shoot Timmy, then? Perhaps volunteers could be found for that.

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That's disturbing. Unsurprising, but still disturbing. Hmm.

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and without all the magazine photoshopping. Seriously. Watching football in HD, I noticed the commentators had many more facial flaws than I previously thought. And if you see 30 Rock in HD, you'll notice that Alec Baldwin...yowza.

In all seriousness, this is pretty sad.

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is paying a substantial ovarian penalty for her lack of resemblance to Heidi Klum.

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Love it!

For purely financial discrimination, some folks at my place came up with these:

"Her-tax" or "Her-charge" (Chatblu)

"She-fee" (Sharon)

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The ones I mentioned were just some other fun terms to throw around. Not as universally oriented as the ones we were discussing.