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"[T]hou wouldst not think how ill all's here about my heart" seems to go for a lot of us, these days. Now, the thing about Depressions, great or otherwise, is that they can be depressing, and why not? Depressive realism has a lot to be said for it. And for those who remember the last financial crash, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy 5 days ago (September 15, 2008), precipitating the massive financial shitstorm we're in today. So, happy anniversary!

But also the good news: At least for myself, I just realized -- and not realizing is part of the syndrome -- that the shortening day of the changing season was triggering feelings of Seasonal Affective Depression. So the light bulb, and I mean this literally, goes on!

In my experience, at least, knowing that SAD is kicking in is much more than half the battle; it's rule-governed, physiological; there are measures I can take to keep my balance.

And quite seriously, though the world at the elite level has gone crazy stupid with tribal hatred and death-dealing corruption and throat-stomping greed, at the garden level I have so much to be happy about and grateful for. So I need to make sure that I get plenty of light and more exercise so that I realize the good fortune that is indeed mine.

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supplements of 5-HTP -- very helpful for insomnia and depression, as well as SAD. And it works fast, like in a day or two you should notice a difference. The sustained release version is great!

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I also usually find myself at some point along the period of shrinking daylight, realizing that my reactions to events are changing - for internal reasons. I would bet that SAD affects a lot of people who are unaware of the fact that that is what is happening to them. But knowing is half the battle.

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poverty is the worst form of violence. Banksters who deliberately perpetrate poverty and the politicians who tolerate them are the most violent people on earth.

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because it's been way, WAY foggier than normal here in the Bay Area. Last week a customer in the store where I work commented that it's beginning to feel like fall- my response was, "Yeah, too bad we didn't get to have summer first!"

The last two days have been more like the normal summer- high about 82. It's surprising how it's improved my mood.

I realize that weird weather is the new normal, but it doesn't mean I have to like it!