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Anglachel is posting again!

I'm not sure I agree with this, but there's nobody I'd like to disagree with more!


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First question: did Anglachel read Robin's book? I haven't read Robin's book, but I've read some excerpts. My understanding of the book is that it is a collection of essays written over a period of time and that it may or may not hang together, depending on one's orientation. Four years ago, when McCain/Palin were galloping through America, I engaged in some fairly intensive thinking about the labels "conservative" and "liberal" and came to the conclusion that labels don't do a damn thing for clarifying anything. In my search, I stumbled across an interesting essay, Some Thoughts on the Misuse of Our Political Language, by Chet Bowers, which I recommend interested people read. I'd also recommend reading the book reviews of Mindful Conservatism: Rethinking the Ideological and Educational Basis of an Ecologically Sustainable Future, also on the linked web page. All of these items are downloadable *.pdf files, not web-readable.

How do these recommendations fit in with Anglachel and Robin? I think the mistake that Anglachel makes is the s/he lumps the conservatives like Buckley and Burke in with wackos like Beck and Limbaugh. Robin, in my opinion, has it right - the current crop of "conservatives" are only interested in number one. Conservatives of an earlier era actually conserved, sometimes wisely, sometimes not. But their motivations were not as suspect as today's crop of "conservatives". My take on Anglachel is that s/he wanders all over the map and doesn't really address Robin's core assertion: that conservatism today is all about me, me and me. There is nothing in today's conservative that has anything at all to do with what is good for the larger society.

Anyway, that is my take on it. For whatever it is worth.