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Andrew Sullivan, progressive hero

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Via Mike's Blog Round-up, I see there's a site called "Andrew Sullivan Is a Fraud," whose manifesto says:

The impetus behind this modest blog is my burning desire to stop "progressive" bloggers from uncritically disseminating the views of one Andrew Sullivan. Bringing positive attention to this fraud only serves to legitimize him. This must end now.

Why so angry Anacher? I’m glad you asked. Andrew Sullivan is an opportunistic hack. A weather vane if you will. I freely admit that Sully is a gifted writer and upon occasion makes a cogent point or two. His ability to tap into the zeitgeist of whichever side he's taken on any issue is impressive

Unfortunately, Andrew Sullivan is not to be trusted.

Why harsh the post-partisan mellow surrounding one of the 25 Most Influential Liberals in the U.S. Media*?

Earlier today, DCBlogger showcased this quote from the great progressive:

We need to take a machete to social security and Medicare and a very sharp scalpel to all domestic discretionary spending.

If we'd just put away our bickering partisanship, we'd realize the wisdom of transporting the elderly via ice floe to Soylent Green processing plants, while the younger and trendier spend the loot — which those biddies and geezers despicably earned and salted away for their own retirements — on fashionable hostess gifts for MoDo's swell soirees.

It's called "creative class" because they're creatively neo-liberal, and you're uncool. So eat shit and die, grandpa! Come to think of it, don't eat anything. All your shit are belong to us.


* The rest of that list needs to be seen to be disbelieved. Who knew our fellow travelers included the likes of Fred Hiatt, Chris Matthews, and Tom "Suck It" Friedman!

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

who knew? i mean, i guy who puts up ads requesting condom-free sex with men, who at the same time fails to reveal he is HIV poz- i can't believe you are saying we shouldn't trust him and think of him as a progressive liberal!

andy isn't fit to wipe the shoes of the least intelligent actual liberal in this country, and should be shipped back to the UK forthwith. he's more than annoying, he's a traitor to the gay community. i rank traitors like him right down there with bug shit and used toilet paper. you really don't want me to get started on how much i despise him.