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Andrew Cuomo, high priest of austerity

Daily News:

"The top 1% of New Yorkers have seen their share of state income grow from 10% in 1980 to 35% in 2007," Parrott said. Meanwhile, income share has declined for the poor and stagnated for the middle class.

The rest of us know that instinctively.

That's why a recent Siena poll shows a majority of state residents [73%] favor keeping the millionaire's tax. If Cuomo and the Legislature do away with it, most New Yorkers - whether they make $40,000 or $40 million annually - will pay the same flat income tax rate of 6.85%.

President Obama and Congress have given the rich a windfall by extending the Bush-era federal tax cuts. Now Cuomo wants another tax break for our local millionaires on top of that.

Meanwhile, the governor rails against record budget deficits and asks the public and government workers to sacrifice.

Matthew 25:29.

Anybody who still thinks the Ds care about what the electorate thinks is a fool, a dupe, an enabler, or paid. Of course, these options aren't mutually exclusive.

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Submitted by jawbone on

screw the state workers, cut social programs, and comfort the Uberwealthy. He actually was more open about his plans than Scott Walker. I almost thought his father might not campaign for him -- anyone know if Mario did actually publicly campaign for Andrew?

Andy does not work for the little people; he seems to have the same masters as Obama.

The Democratic Party is being killed by the prosperity of its elites and their desire to receive largesse from the Uberwealthy and Big Corporations. It's seen as the only game in town, and, thus, they are in direct competition with the Republicans.

Who or what will arise to speak for the needs of the little people? It could be very ugly, as those seeming right now to speak to their needs are people who do not actually seem to want to work for their economic improvement and also do not love civil liberties....

Submitted by libbyliberal on

and promised NOTHING. His opponent was sounding more and more insane so he could cakewalk.

I wrote on my last blog that I saw Christine Quinn, speaker of city council, on a local interview tv show and when the interviewer asked about the millionaire's task she shook her head and said that Cuomo will never go near that so end of discussion. It was chilling how definite she was and they went on. Grrrrrr. Then she perkily said, we have to find resourceful ways of fighting the deficit. WTF?

Green's Hawkins wants not only the millionaire's tax but also transaction taxes on stock transfers. Wish he had a bigger megaphone.

Cuomo like Obama is beholding to his corporate pimps. The social service programs he is willing to cut is right out of the Obama playbook. Glen Ford has a very angry article out about how urban cities are being targeted with the charter school stuff, and the union busting of teachers, schools, poor schools are now double-sized classes, Detroit, New Orleans ... he even goes beyond accusing "segregation" but more a "genocidal" attack on minorities.

Mario Cuomo did some stomping for sonny on tv. I can't remember exactly what, but he was beaming about his baby boy. I know when I was working for Hawkins the Dem workers were so not thrilled with Cuomo as a person. That worried me.

Again, I wonder, can we get average angry and awake people drumbeating about the two major deficit destroyers, the no-millionaire's tax and an insane $719 billion/year military budget? Those are the lynchpins to the destruction of the middle and working classes.

Obama at any time could do an executive order and use leftover TARP money to build a WPA.

Glenn Greenwald is so impressed with Obama over DOMA. I feel far more cynical. Feel it is a distraction and confuser when he is playing his "bridge" between the parties, which is not a bridge at all, it is selling out to the right.

Submitted by Hugh on

I don't understand the hype about the change on DOMA either. All the DOJ said was that they wouldn't fight for DOMA in those circuits which have not affirmed it or have not ruled that Americans can be singled out with regard to their sexual orientation. I have yet to see beyond the 2nd Circuit which sparked this announcement how many circuits this would affect. However I would assume even in the 2nd circuit and any other circuits which fit the bill states would have standing to contest challenges to DOMA. I saw this as a fairly empty gesture to shore up part of the base in advance of the 2012 elections.

Submitted by Hugh on

Remember IOKIYAR. Thank goodness those bad old days are over and we have moved into the era of IOKIYAD.