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Andrea Mitchell's April Fools Joke

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Watching the evening news I caught a report by Andrea Mitchell on the Nuclear Security Conference that is now being held, appropriately enough, on April Fools Day. It is obviously part of a PR effort to build international support for our shiny new war on ISIS.

It is a rerun on the Iraq has WMD fear campaign. Mitchell ran a series of scary graphics showing that an amount of plutonium the size of an apple would be enough for a bomb, or that even less material might be enough for a “dirty bomb.” She provided exactly zero evidence that ISIS has any such material, only that it is theoretically possible that they could get such material.

This is the same Andrea Mitchell who was involved in one of the biggest national security disasters of our lifetime, the CIA leak case. This is a woman who knew that Rove and Libby were shopping Valerie Wilson's name all over town and instead of warning the public that Bush was about to blow an intelligence operation as part of a political pay back operation, kept silent until she was forced to tell the truth by a subpoena.

Now this bloodthirsty traitor wants to lie us into another war. Shame on her. Shame on NBC. Shame on us for letting them get away with it.

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