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"And we get?"


Still, the formula for Obama comes down to this: convincing enough additional minorities and core liberals to turn out and vote next year to make up for a loss of support from centrist and conservative whites.

Leave aside the notion that a "core liberal" who supports a President's claim to unilaterally target American citizens for assassination is no liberal.

If Obama wants our support, what do we get?

Obama could, by executive order, establish a new WPA to help with DISemployment. He could do that tomorrow.

Obama could direct Attorney General Holder to start building a case against bankster CEOs for accounting control fraud. He could do that tomorrow.

Obama, as party leader, could request that Harry Reid abolish the filibuster (the "nuclear option"). He could do that tomorrow.

If Obama wants to get "core liberals" [snort] to vote for him, there's a lot he could do right now. He doesn't need to set up any organization in Chicago or do any polling. He just has to stop pushing R policies. Of course, since Obama (best case) believes in R policies or (worst case) is an R trojan horse, that will never happen. Rhetoric may happen, is already happening, but that's irrelevant now. Only actions matter.

NOTE In the recent past, I recall reading, possibly in comments here, the idea that the Ds are in fact more evil than the Rs, because they get away with shit the Rs could never get away with. Readers?

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"And we get?"
That's easy, by not putting you on the kill or capture list, the right to life.
Hey, that pitch will be music to Rick Warren's ears-- win-win!
And I don't think there's any question that a right wing Democrat in the White House is more harmful than a right wing Republican. A Republican president can't rely on congressional Democrats to throw their bodies into mud puddles so the President's boots stay clean.

Beyond that, I'm not convinced that Romney, at least, is more right wing than Obama. Watching the debate the other night, I noticed he really is Clintonesque in his ability to think on his feet and use precise language. But instead of using his quick mind to explain away, errr, that he had seduced an intern, it was to explain away that he was against cutting capital gains taxes on millionaires.
Let's hope the rubes don't read the Christan Science Monitor
When it comes to tax policy, Romney veers slightly left... Romney would zero out taxes on investment income only for the middle class.... Romney’s plan is interesting because, as it happens, relatively few middle-class households report capital gains, and those that do generally pay only a pittance.... That’s why former hedge-fund operator Romney will surely disappoint those in the GOP who argue for a zero rate on capital for all. For instance, in the initial version of his fiscal plan, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) would have eliminated all taxes on gains, dividends, and estates... By that standard, Romney is, well, practically Obama.

"Practically Obama" doesn't do him justice, the President is the unopposed Democratic candidate while Romney is swimming through the Koch infested waters of of the bloodsport GOP primaries.

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said that corporations are people too, and that it is terrible that the peasants don't pay more taxes. Obama would never say that and I don't think that he thinks that. Also Obama is kind to dogs. These might not be reasons to vote for Obama, but he is different.

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I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself. I don’t have time to complain,” he said. “I am going to press on. I expect all of you to march with me. .?.?. Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying. We are going to press on.”

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If Obama's insulting his supporters like this when it's not even 2012, just imagine what it's going to be like in a few months?

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or worse if he's reelected and has no need to bamboozle voters.

Dems just might stand up to a Repub president; they're unable to do so against this ostensible Dem acting as a Republican.

For Obama's 2008 voters, it's the disappointment, stupid.

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"NOTE In the recent past, I recall reading, possibly in comments here, the idea that the Ds are in fact more evil than the Rs, because they get away with shit the Rs could never get away with. "

Yeah, that was me a couple of days ago.

It's a point I was trying to make before the blithering election.

But just recently Bruce Dixon put it in one sentence, the clearest and the best yet. Obama: "The Lesser Evil or The More Effective Evil?"

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It's the ratchet effect. I was writing on this over at Naked Capitalism today. It's not just the Republicans doing something and then the Democrats come in validating and expanding on it. The usury laws were repealed under Carter. I believe the first of the big industry deregulations (airlines) happened under him as well.

Under Clinton we got repeal of Glass-Steagall and the CFMA with its deregulation of derivatives and the Enron loophole that allowed for over the counter futures contracts. You also had early in his Administration a rule which allowed non-commercials (think Goldman Sachs) entry into oil markets.

Obama has already engineered major cuts to Medicare a couple of times now. Bush tried to privatize Social Security once at the beginning of his second term and you can argue this marked a defeat from which his Administration never recovered. He has also taken the lead over Republicans in pushing for big cuts in the federal budget.

So it is also the Democrats promoting a corporatist agenda which Republicans then follow up on.

Re what do we get, I think the plan is buy a broken down nag someplace, securitize it into a CDO, cut up and reconstitute the various tranches into a bunch of CDOs squared which they will parcel out to us, telling us we all get paper ponies that are even better than real ponies. Needless to say Goldman will create a synthetic CDO betting against our paper ponies, poison the only real horse involved, and clean up.