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And the unity pony drops another steaming load

Go read Stirling immediately.

Obama isn't a Democrat giving things up to get Republican votes, he's a conservative mugging liberals for a conservative agenda that includes:

1. War in Afghanistan

2. Paulson's version of TARP where taxpayers buy all bad assets.

3. Slash social security and Medicare

4. Tax Cuts

5. No Comprehensive Health Care, but huge subsidies for Health Insurance companies instead.

Taken as a whole, Obama is offering small concessions to the left, in return for trillions of dollars that are coming directly out of the pockets and veins, of ordinary people. He couldn't even come up with a bit of money to help poor women pay for birth control pills. But he could cave on Pay-Go. Pennies for the people, pounds for the powerful.

Right now, your liberal leadership is selling the country out for little things.

What leadership?

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He's on fire lately over at The Agonist, so might just go to the site and spend a few minutes...well, hours!

He's in the midst of evaluating what Obama is doing re: the banks' bad assets -- and I don't quite comprehend it fully. There's to be more as Stirling had to leave for RL. General impression: What Obama and his econ team are doing sucks.

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The Chicago school econ advisers, that is. Some of us were arguing that you couldn't be liberal with the kind of advisers Obama seemed to be closest to, or at least most interested in hearing from.

Should this really come as a surprise to people? Really?

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Or Krugman?