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And speaking of good judgment...


Discussing his opposition to Attorney General nominee John Ashcroft, Obama praised newly-elected President Bush's new nominee for Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.

“The proof in the pudding is looking at the treatment of the other Bush nominees," Obama said. "I mean for the most part, I for example do not agree with a missile defense system, but I don't think that soon-to-be-Secretary Rumsfeld is in any way out of the mainstream of American political life. And I would argue that the same would be true for the vast majority of the Bush nominees, and I give him credit for that.

"So I don’t want to be pegged as being far left simply because I find certain aspects in John Ashcroft’s record to be divisive or offensive," Obama continued.

No indeed!

"I think it’s legitimate for me to raise that. As I said before, if he brought before us a nominee who didn’t agree with me on affirmative action and yet said that, you know, I do think that and showed a history for showing regard and concern for racial justice,
if he [Ashcroft] came before us and said I oppose a woman’s right to choose, or I oppose abortion, I find it religiously offensive, and yet I do respect, for example, the notion that we shouldn’t be solving these things with violence, historically, if that had been what was said, then I don’t think I would object. And I think that’s a fair position to take.”

Huh? Is that a waffle on abortion, or what? Sounds to me like Obama said that if Ashcroft didn't actually endorse shooting doctors, then everything would be OK.


Everybody gets to grow and change. But not when they've made being right first the centerpiece of their campaign....

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That does it. I've been thinking he was moving right because he knows if he makes it to the general, we'll have no choice but to vote for him or stay home (and we ain't stayin' home).

After reading that I'm thinking he has swallowed the GOP propaganda about the "mainstream" being one millimeter to the left of Grover Norquist. That he honestly believes the "center" has shifted that far and he has no choice but to pander to those people to win. And IMO, if he does win this way, those people he's pandering to will own him and he'll have to govern from the right.

God help us if we end up with an Obama-McCain race. I don't care what the polls are saying right now about who beats who, I really worry about that matchup. Especially with the the MSM already framing McCain as a moderate who has the ability to appeal to Dems.